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Author Visit – Pam Flowers

Pam Flowers came to school today and was kept busy with four presentations: K-2, 3-6, a special writing session, and literacy night. The K-6 programs were about her arctic expedition. The evening session was about her Appalachian Trail hike with her dog Ellie. A writing and drawing contest was held at school on the topic Dream Big! Pam’s motto is “You’re never to young to have a dream and never too old to make them come true.” This was the inspiration for the contest. Winners and honorable mentions were chosen from grades 3-8 and their writings and drawings were made into an anthology book.  The winners got to attend a 45 minute writing session where Pam talked about her book “Big Enough Anna: The Little Sled Dog Who Braved the Arctic” and about the publishing process. All students that got their work into the anthology were recognized at literacy night and received a copy of the anthology.

All of the students enjoyed hearing about Pam’s adventures and seeing Ellie in person.

Thank you Pam!

Pam signing books                         Pam & Ellie

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Living in an Eskimo Village

Katie Kroll was a teacher in Hooper Bay, Alaska for five years. She shared her knowledge of the Yup’ik Eskimos with us. She talked about the geography, history, climate, clothing, food, language, and culture of the area. It was very interesting to all that heard her story, from kindergarten to adults. She stressed that people look and act the way they do because of the area that they live.

Students especially liked learning some Yup’ik words, like atguk (fur coat) and quyana (thank you). They also liked hearing about how to make aqutaq or Eskimo ice cream (seal oil or Crisco, fish, sugar, and berries) and watching the performance of a seal hunt dance.

Thank you, Katie! It was a great experience.

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Culture Box Lessons

Elementary students are completing lessons on Alaska using items collected for a k-3 and 4-6 culture box.

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Sharing Trip at Staff Meeting

We shared our trip to Alaska with the elementary staff at the beginning of the year meeting. Here we are showing Pam Flower’s books and explaining the plan to use our culture boxes along with ready-to-go lessons for a week long curriculum for each K-6 class.

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Home Again

Goodbye  to beautiful, amazing Alaska! It was a fantastic trip.

A big thank you to Shirley and Wayne Shimizu who came to our rescue and offered to share their pictures when our camera battery was depleted.


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Flora of Alaska

Some of the beautiful plant life we saw on our trip.

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Anchorage Again

Returned to Anchorage by train in order to catch a plane home. We had a nice visit with the principal of Palmer High School in Alaska and we all went to the Alaska Native Heritage Center. We had seen king crab in Seward so wanted to try it on our plates!

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Alaska Sealife Center – Seward

An amazing center with all kinds of local species. We took a behind the scenes tour that let us see researchers watching and recording sea lions and a rescued baby walrus being socialized by a human. If it doesn’t have contact by it’s own kind or by humans it would die.

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Kenai Fjords Wildlife Tour

Cruising through the Chugach and Kenai Mountain Ranges on a three hour tour, we saw a sea otter, eagles, a glimpse of an orca whale, sea lions,  jellyfish, and lots of birds and glaciers.